Do You Watch What’s Going on With Crop Circles?  0

This may sound like an airy fairy topic. According to Wikipedia, “The scientific consensus is that most or all crop circles are man-made, with a few exceptions due to meteorological or other natural phenomena.” The use of the words ‘most or all’ leaves a lot of room for speculation. Even if they are man-made they are beautiful, mysterious and full of wonder. I have a good friend who is so enamored with these mysterious enigmas that he had his den walls painted to show some of the most beautiful renditions of circles all the way from England to Australia and many, many points in between. He is running out of wall space since new and even more intricate circles show up monthly and even weekly.

One camp of Theorist reason that aliens in flying machines are zapping them into the countryside. But what if the “natural phenomena” is the earth producing an energy from within and it creates an impression on the surface? Just what if? The crops are never damaged and they appear sometimes in a matter of moments. There have been reports of pilots flying over a normal looking grain field in one direction and returning a few minutes later to see an elaborate design impressed into the same field.


Crop circles started to get attention in the late 1970s with many circles began appearing throughout the English countryside. Media publications began reporting crop circles outside of the towns of Hampshire and Wilshire. When two young men, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made a statement in 1991 saying that they were responsible for tramping the fields in the dead of night amazingly enough circles started appearing all over the world. To date, approximately 11,000 crop circles have been reported internationally. You can’t throw a dart at the world map without hitting a country that hasn’t had a display of crop circles.


The topic interests me since it is not an ordinary way of communicating. Our world is communicating in so many other ways vastly different than it did just a few short years ago. Maybe crop circles are just another form of communication. But from whom? This new language is being developed to communicate something of true value. It is precise and clear even if we don’t know what it’s saying. The fault of that lies with us not with the messenger.


There is no denying that whoever or whatever is creating them that they are works of art. Yes they have something to say just as all art speaks, but what more? This author is convinced there is more than just a pretty picture within these impressive displays. It might simply be a message of magnificence; recognition of a powerful magnificence.


Whatever is being conveyed keep a watch out for crop circles, they aren’t going away. A friend and avid crop circle enthusiast tells me that circles have grown in number. They can be found all over the world. Whatever is trying to reach us is getting more urgent in the message.


Keep a watch out. With this phenomenon getting more attention daily someone is going to be given the key to unlocking the code. When they do the communication of what the messages are delivering will given to the world.

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