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The house was in need of a new roof and I wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time or money on this must-do project. I had too many things going on so I Googled roofers in my area. It wasn’t as big of a hassle as I thought it would be and I was happy with the company I chose. In fact I never gave it another thought until one morning I heard footsteps on the roof and by afternoon the nail guns started popping. The noise convinced me to go to the local coffee shop and write the following article on a subject that I think is very important.

Hemp vs Monsanto

Solely in the interest of the few, many solutions to on going problems have been withheld from mainstream awareness. For example, it isn’t in the best interest of Monsanto’s bottom line to promote alternatives to their bounty of weed killers. Their Board would walk out on any such proposals. No – Correction, the idea would not even get as far as the boardroom. Their stockholders would dump stock so fast at the implication, company heads would spin. Monsanto has made its billions on the backs of people, animals and Nature in general. To risk their future with alternative solutions I suspect is simply not in their game plan. It’s not what they do.

Weed control is one of the lesser known uses of hemp. For hundreds of years farmers from all over the world knew the value of hemp in weed control. They weren’t privy to the chemicals and propaganda of big business. Farmers just knew what worked and hemp works. Not only is it good for weed control it also nourishes the soil through the dropping of its leaves. The leaves enrich the dirt with nutrients lost in over cultivating. The cannabis root is deep and acts as a natural soil aerator. Farmers use it when rotating crops to bring the soil back into balance.

Hemp is now more of an open subject for discussion for the first time in decades. Since the signing of the new Farm Bill in February of last year legalizing the cannabis plant for research and development, has brought attention to several practical uses to public awareness. Two States have legalized marijuana and at least 13 others at this writing are seriously considering it. While the use of marijuana is vastly different from the topic of hemp usage, it has brought attention to the versatility of the cannabis plant.

The hemp plant could also be an answer in reducing expenses for organic farmers. It’s easy to grow, cheap and a big multi-tasker. Hemp could reduce the use of additional botanical compounds to keep farmers’ crops even more pesticide free. Time will tell how much hemp is incorporated into farming, but with more knowledge and innovative thinking it’s an alternative that is getting worth watching.

So keep and eye open for news on this old, but up and coming form of pesticide control. We all have the responsibility of being in the know since it’s our food, clothing and other common products that involve the use of hemp. Keeping us safer and saving us money by using a natural resource with centuries of effective use seems like a logical way to live and do business.

I’m not naive and it may take decades to turn a giant like Monsanto into an earth friendly entity, but I always hold out hope. It appears they are already losing some ground . . . so to speak with all the organic farmers that have sprouted up ( pun intended) in the last 5 years. The consumer is speaking louder than ever and organic products are the fastest growing segment of our grocery stores. We simply don’t want to eat pesticides that are harmful to our health.

If you want to learn more about the hemp movement in the US and how you can become involved click The North American Industrial Hemp Council. This is just the beginning! The business of making a better world is all of our business. Simply start at home and branch out from there. It’s endless and we all can reap the rewards of this incredible crop. Leave your comments below; I’d love to have your input. Get involved!

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