Be On the Watch for These Trends  0

Be On the Watch for These Trends

Watching trends appear and disappear has been a sport for centuries.  They can come and go like ice cream on a hot summer day.  Does anyone remember the pet rock mania from several from years ago?  It was a quick in and out brought on by a bit of clever advertising.  That trend though short lived probably made the entrepreneur behind the stunt a lot of quick – one-time money.


Then on the other end of the scale some trends become part of our culture. They evolve from quirk to how did we live without, in a blink of an evolutionary eye.  Some trends have a tendency to recycle.  An example of this would be the photo booth. All the rage before the digital age, photo booths fell out of fashion for awhile.  Those usually found tucked in the corner of the State Fair grounds, or of the carnival passing through town are making a comeback. They are a perfect example of being people pleasers, and most always fun things find a way to reinvent themselves. They tend to trend more than once. They may come back as a shadow of their former selves but, better, brighter and more user friendly to the times.

Trends sometimes step out of the category of societal swing into mainstream. We’ve all seen trends that stick around for a couple of years and might have general impact and others that are here today, gone tomorrow and then show up again in the today. Some trends have a tendency to recycle. They may come back as a shadow of their former selves but, better, brighter and more user friendly to the times.

Here are other examples of trends:


Gluten free diets: The awareness of harmful effects of gluten in our diets has hit the mainstream awareness. It’s not based on a fad as much as on scientific research. Study after study has been done on the “new” form of gluten that infiltrates so many products on the grocery shelves and reek havoc with our health. This may be a trend that goes further and becomes a lifestyle choice for majority of people.


Rock Wall Scaling:  This extreme sport is gaining advocates by the day.  Nowadays most public gyms have a scaling wall.  These walls vary in degree of difficulty challenging the youngest tikes all the way up to their grandparents.  Scaling walls became popular about 12 years ago and this trend seems to be holding strong. It hits a lot on the pleasure scale – it offers challenge on one end of the spectrum and finishes with a sense of accomplishment.  Orignally an outdoor activity exclusively where it puts a the participant in some beautiful environments it translates to indoors for the less extreme.  It’s a must to be in shape so working with other forms of exercise comes into play.  On top of it all – excuse the pun – the views are remarkable.


Snow Boarding/ Roller Boarding:  At this point every kid over 8 has a skate board and if they are winter sports enthusiasts they also own a snow board.  What started out as a trend a over a decade ago has now become an Olympic event.


Fashion:  As far as leaders in trends, fashion has the biggest sway.  The industry dictates everything from pattern, color, length, bold, mild, soft, course, big and small.  From clothing to home decor and everything in between.  If you notice what celebrities are wearing or decorating their homes with you can easily spot the latest trend.

Are we all subject to trends?  Yes.  It’s how we modernize and test the waters for more permanent change.  We try things on to see if they feel good.  It’s the irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit of humankind. We are always looking for more ways to enjoy the world around us.

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