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Cool and Quirky Inventions


One of my favorite shows is on Saturday morning called The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with – The Mo You Know, Mo Rocca. He talks about the great inventions of the past and how they have made our society what it is today. He also introduces new inventions that are springing up daily and promise to shape the future.  There are so many cool things happening right now, and it promises to make for a very interesting world.  New minds are creating and developing ideas that solve problems and add enjoyment to our lives everyday.


Here are a few of the fun, quirky inventions that I found surfing the web:



A dogbrella. It sounds kooky, but look at the way it works. It hovers just above your pet at the end of your leash to keep the little character dry. It comes in a clear plastic so your pooch can have the visibility needed to spot another dog or an inviting tree. Clever, eh?



The baby shower cap. This is simple but saves a lot of tears. Any parent who has bathed their baby and tried to wash their hair knows how difficult it can be. It makes bath time a magic act to get the deed done without the struggle to keep soap from getting into little eyes. To make bath time a positive experience try a baby shower cap.

baby shower cap


LED slippers. This is the coolest! These slippers have a built-in LED light in the sole at the toe. When you put them on the lights are pressure activated to light the path before you. No more stubbing your toe on the corner of a table or tripping over the dog who is sprawled out in front of the bathroom door.

LED Slippers


Remote control wand. Do you want to bring the wizard out in you? This gizmo may be the entertainment center’s must have. The wand gives you 13 different functions that are currently available on your programmable TV remote. This author thinks every home should have one and let the inner Harry Potter have at it.

TV remote control wand


Quackbill muzzle. Do you have an adorable doggie that you can’t trust not to snap at strangers? Some of the cutest pets simply don’t have the personality that tolerates petting and they have to be muzzled. However a muzzle makes your sweetie pie look like a killer. That’s where the Quackbill Muzzle comes in. Put one of these on the meanest looking canine and he’s turned into something totally adorable and – yes – safe to pet

Dog quack muzzle


These are just a few of the latest mastermind inventions that will save the world. I wonder if any of them will end up in the Henry Ford Museum? I think these will come and go pretty fast, but at least they’ve had at least their 15 minutes of fame.

What I feel is the greatest achievement here is the fact that people are thinking. It shows that if there’s a problem to be solved someone is looking for a solution, just like these folks.  These might not be the biggest problems we face as a planet, but a bigger one would be if everyone stopped being creative.


What do you think? Do you have an invention that is solving a previously insurmountable problem. Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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