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What’s going on with this crazy early US Presidential campaign? As an ordinary, but concerned citizen it feels like a surreal circus. I try not to get overly involved and I don’t bury my head in the sand either. I look for a balance, a happy medium until much closer to the actual election date. This run at the Presidency however, is more bizarre than I have witnessed . . . ever! With candidates entering from varied backgrounds and persuasions, the process is better than any reality show the networks could have dreamed up.


The American people are aware that they have been rooked, screwed then told they are stupid for thinking such things. (in so many words) It’s OK for some to just let the debris fall where it may, but for the majority we are fed up with it all. We protest in person and through social media and we make valid cases, but essentially we have been ignored. Nothing seems to change unless it’s promoted by the lobbyist and lines the pockets of special interest groups. Our representatives are only looking to get re-elected more for the status and profitable retirement. Book and speaking deals are included in the benefits if they are strategic in their personal planning.


Just for the record I do not vote party either Democrat or Republican, but best person. Right off the top, to some that means I and others like me, dilute the power of the major parties. That seems perfectly fine with me. The two party system is broken and there hasn’t been a solution to fix it that successfully carries enough weight to make the change. I’m registered as a Constitutionalist, but have never voted that way.


The candidate that is the most threatening to the norm is Donald J. Trump. He’s stirring things up in a way that we’ve never seen before. Refreshing, but along the way he’s pissing a lot of people off. He presently is running on the Republican ticket, but threatens to go Independent if they don’t treat him fairly. He’s a loose mouth, brilliant, egotistical fellow who tells it like he sees it. That’s where the refreshing part comes into play. He is a billionaire many times over and claims not to be a politician, and someone who knows the system from the inside of a businessman’s empire.


He doesn’t need the money of the lobbyist and therefore doesn’t need to pay back any favors in return for their support. He calls a spade a spade and doesn’t tread lightly on other people’s feelings. He is not politically correct. He’s not nice. He doesn’t care about being nice, he seems to care more about stating truths. The press has attempted several times to take his words and twist them to try and take him down. They are not accustomed to a public figure they cannot spin to the public according to the “powers” behind the media.


He’s calling out those from both parties who have done a lousy job taking care of Americans – like John McCain. I think McCain served his country as a hero, and I would not dispute that. The question Trump raises is has he served our veterans since holding public office? This is treading sacred ground because of his war record, until Trump called him on it. Trump made little of John McCain’s sacrifice in order to make a bigger statement about his lack of effectiveness when aiding our returning veterans. It’s an unconventional approach to make his point, and one no other candidate would have taken, but it got the attention of those who are suffering because of lack of VA assistance. More Vets are listening to Trump for calling out McCain’s present position than for trashing his military history. Trump’s a street fighter he doesn’t pull punches, he delivers them.


This is just one example of Politics As Not So Usual here in the US. I for one am enjoying the show. I appreciate the honest rhetoric and uncensored comments from someone who has the 30,000 foot view. Will I vote for Mr. Trump? The election is still over a year away, but he’s definitely a contender to watch, and I am amongst millions who are watching.


Please leave a comment below. What are your thoughts on our Politics As Not So Usual presidential race? I’d love to hear your point of view.


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