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Effective Micro-Organism Farming  0

What is EM Farming? I was reading an article on organic sustainable farming and came across the term EM farming, yet I had never heard of this technology before. EM stands for Effective Micro-Organisms and when used in farming this technique can bring harvest to a new level.

EM farming has been used in countries that don’t have access to fertilizers and pesticides to aid in crop production. And while it’s been in practice for a number of years it was mostly used in developing countries.

So what is it exactly and how is it of beneficial use? You won’t find a comprehensive definition on Wikipedia – which was a bit disappointing, but there is a plethora of other sites that have taken up the slack.

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Would You Become an Ex-Pat?  0

Would You Become an Ex-Pat?


What’s going on? With the world always fast tracking anything new and interesting, what should we be on the look-out for?


A surprising report came across my desk that indicated that more and more North Americans are leaving their home country.  Here in the US more than ever are giving up their citizenship.  To those of you who are reading this some might be thinking then let them go . . . we are better off without them.  In fact, tow them out of here! That may be true and one way to think about those who want to leave, but why are so many leaving this so called land of opportunity to have a life somewhere else?


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Cool and Quirky Inventions  0

Cool and Quirky Inventions


One of my favorite shows is on Saturday morning called The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation with – The Mo You Know, Mo Rocca. He talks about the great inventions of the past and how they have made our society what it is today. He also introduces new inventions that are springing up daily and promise to shape the future.  There are so many cool things happening right now, and it promises to make for a very interesting world.  New minds are creating and developing ideas that solve problems and add enjoyment to our lives everyday.


Here are a few of the fun, quirky inventions that I found surfing the web:


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Be On the Watch for These Trends  0

Be On the Watch for These Trends

Watching trends appear and disappear has been a sport for centuries.  They can come and go like ice cream on a hot summer day.  Does anyone remember the pet rock mania from several from years ago?  It was a quick in and out brought on by a bit of clever advertising.  That trend though short lived probably made the entrepreneur behind the stunt a lot of quick – one-time money.


Then on the other end of the scale some trends become part of our culture. They evolve from quirk to how did we live without, in a blink of an evolutionary eye.  Some trends have a tendency to recycle.  An example of this would be the photo booth. All the rage before the digital age, photo booths fell out of fashion for awhile.  Those usually found tucked in the corner of the State Fair grounds, or of the carnival passing through town are making a comeback. They are a perfect example of being people pleasers, and most always fun things find a way to reinvent themselves. They tend to trend more than once. They may come back as a shadow of their former selves but, better, brighter and more user friendly to the times.

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