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What this Blog is About  0

This blog is dedicated to keeping a watch on pertinent health and wellness information that continually streams over the internet. It’s impossible to catch it all and this blog will help you watch for new revelations that may have gotten by you. Together, my wife and I watch for the gems that you might be hearing about for the first time or for that matter worth repeating. If we have found something to be of value, I’ll put up a watch – check-this-out blog It’s all about living better and perhaps even becoming more aware of life in general. The goal with imparting any information on this site is simply for readers to take what they can and use it towards thriving in our overly complex world.


Whether it’s a blog on nutrition, personal empowerment, safety of ourselves, family and companion animals, you’ll eventually find it here. The basis is relationships. Relationships with ourselves, our bodies, minds and spritula selves to the relationships we share with others and things.


The subjects might be off-the-wall on some days and tight and conservative at other times. Just know if you want to contact us leave a comment below an article or blog that you’ve read and let’s talk. We get my inspiration from inter-species relationship as well as outer-space relationships, so don’t let anything hold you back. If you would like to share an event that you’ve lived through, or are even just aware of, and you think it’s worth a re-write let us know. We’ll give you credit if you like or you can stay completely anonymous.


Whatever We post, please enjoy – Oh and if we get a “fact” wrong – which we never do intentionally – give us a head’s up. My wife and I are hardcore believers in keeping it real.