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Politics As Not So Usual  0



What’s going on with this crazy early US Presidential campaign? As an ordinary, but concerned citizen it feels like a surreal circus. I try not to get overly involved and I don’t bury my head in the sand either. I look for a balance, a happy medium until much closer to the actual election date. This run at the Presidency however, is more bizarre than I have witnessed . . . ever! With candidates entering from varied backgrounds and persuasions, the process is better than any reality show the networks could have dreamed up.


The American people are aware that they have been rooked, screwed then told they are stupid for thinking such things. (in so many words) It’s OK for some to just let the debris fall where it may, but for the majority we are fed up with it all. We protest in person and through social media and we make valid cases, but essentially we have been ignored. Nothing seems to change unless it’s promoted by the lobbyist and lines the pockets of special interest groups. Our representatives are only looking to get re-elected more for the status and profitable retirement. Book and speaking deals are included in the benefits if they are strategic in their personal planning.

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