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Be On the Watch for These Trends  0

Be On the Watch for These Trends

Watching trends appear and disappear has been a sport for centuries.  They can come and go like ice cream on a hot summer day.  Does anyone remember the pet rock mania from several from years ago?  It was a quick in and out brought on by a bit of clever advertising.  That trend though short lived probably made the entrepreneur behind the stunt a lot of quick – one-time money.


Then on the other end of the scale some trends become part of our culture. They evolve from quirk to how did we live without, in a blink of an evolutionary eye.  Some trends have a tendency to recycle.  An example of this would be the photo booth. All the rage before the digital age, photo booths fell out of fashion for awhile.  Those usually found tucked in the corner of the State Fair grounds, or of the carnival passing through town are making a comeback. They are a perfect example of being people pleasers, and most always fun things find a way to reinvent themselves. They tend to trend more than once. They may come back as a shadow of their former selves but, better, brighter and more user friendly to the times.

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